30 Surprising Technology facts you never know ! Part -1


We are living in an era of technology. We have riched out 5G networks, Quantum Computer, Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligent, Virtual Reality, and so on. Our technology is rapidly growing onto the next steps day by day. But as like as other fields we have some interesting facts in the technology area. let’s have a look of top 50 out there, and that will make you surprised!

50 Surprising Technology facts:

#1. Only in the USA, every year more than 220 million tons of electronics device thrash has been thrown out

#2. In China, Mobile phone has been used to around 76% online purchases

#3. Philippines used social media to share their feelings more than the U.S.  93% use social networking where Americans use 74%.

#4. Bitcoin has a limit of minings. Only 21 million Bitcoin will be mined. Almost 19 Million mined complete and 2 Million are rest. Experts are saying rest 2 million will take 5 more years to be mined!

#5. CREEPER was the first computer virus which exploited in 1971 and that was totally harmless

#6. To power up of tech giant Google, they use 0.013% power of the whole world. This is almost the same amount of energy as 200,000 homes

#7. The average FB users have less than 200 Friends. Only more than 20% of users have 500+ friends!

#8. The @ symbol was chosen kind of randomly

#9. We only keep a 10 percent app that we installed and keep those apps for the long term.

#10.  First iPhone had not an APP STORE

#11. Almost 51% of web traffic is non-human. Out there more than 30% of internet traffic is from Hacking programs.

#12. Most of today’s tech giant started from GARAGE. Ex. HP, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple.

#13. In the USA, 21 years old spent 5000 hours of playing video games. Also, send an average of 250,000 emails and texts.

#14. Every ad of iPhone’s has 9:41 set as time. Because the first photo of the iPhone was showed at 9:41 am.


Carrier pigeons were faster than the Internet until 2010.

#16. China has a fake apple store! OMG.

#17. New Zealand is used to test new tech products. Because news about a new product is not spread very fast.

#18. Do you know who is called ” Silver Surfers ” of internet? – Age over 50+, who surfs the internet on a regular basis.

#19. The world spends more than 200 million hours everyday streaming Netflix. Which is equivalent to 18,812 years. And this is increasing day by day.

#20. Over 90% of the currency of the words is Digital.

#21. 3rd Word Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh skipped Landlines. Because of the lake of resources, using landline was too costly. But over 90% have access to cell phones.

#22. The first website is still running at info.cern.ch which was built in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee.

#23. The most popular keyboard layout known as QWERTY was made actually to slow you down. Dvorak  Keyboard layout was made for speed.

#24. Nearly 1/3 of divorces are because of Facebook.

#25. MySpace lost all of its content because of fault server migration before 2016.

#26. Facebook is paying $500 for reporting any security bug in its application.

#27. YouTube has only 5% music content, But these are considered as the most engaged type of videos. this 5% have 20% of the total views.

#28. In 2017, 40% of American couples meet online.

#29.  The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is a reg-green color blind! That’s why he chose Blue color for Facebook.

#30. 666-6666 is the most expensive phone number, that was sold for $2.75 million in 2006 at a charity auction.

There have many more interesting facts about Technology. We will present more part by part. Until then please enjoy our other blogs.

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