Best Alternatives Of Facebook At 2020

Can Ensure Your Data Privacy!


We all know that Facebook is the world’s largest social media network platform. This social network has a big volume of users and also has good acceptance to the audience. Just within one decade, it’s become the market leader. As well as the number of connectivity increasing day by day with good numbers.

What’s the reason for the Facebook alternative?

Obviously it’s a valid question as Facebook is the most popular for all of us. However, sometimes we need to find out the alternative option due to several issues like few countries China and Russia allow for a more level playing field. Only for such kind of initiative in both countries achieve their own market and also become market leaders. But in other countries, Facebook achieved its target and took a remarkable position on social media. You will be surprised that the total number of Facebook users right now is around 2.1 billion. Which is near about 1/4 of the world total number of population.

The issue is that last few years Facebook not only a place of doing fun and entertainment as people already raised questing to the point of trust and privacy. As users are facing problems with their personal data. Because it has been observed that by many aspects user information is used wrongly. This is badly unexpected for any user. On the other hand, in recent years this platform has become a place for fake news and political debates.  

Only for that kind of issue most of the users are looking for alternative platforms that can help to avoid Facebook and buy the new one so that they can fulfill their needs.

In this article, we’ll share with you a few other social media platforms though they don’t have popularity like Facebook. But you can take this one as your alter choice. Few of this platform improved a lot at security and privacy strategies. Other sites also take strong imitation against fake news. We expect these platforms will play a vital role in 2020 as alternatives.

Now, it’s time to discuss the best alternative.


Vero Facebook Alternative

Vero is one of the most attractive social networks around us. It started in 2015. Epically new users taking connectivity here as it’s the best option if any of you consider the facility with Facebook. And now the number of users reach 3 million which was 1.5 million only not long back.

Vero has good similarity with Instagram as well. This platform is totally different from other competitors as they have selling options. Also not limited to general features like timeline, profile, etc. Here the contract details segment divided into four parts such as friends, close friends, followers, and acquaintances.

But Vero privacy policy isn’t strong as compared with Facebook other competitors. It’s true I have good control over my own date. If you want to create a Vero account your number will be verified. Would like to clarify to you that it’s a mobile-based platform. That means you will not get this access on PCs.  



This platform is the most advanced social networking marketplace. It’s overall everything. One of the advantages is Minds privacy-oriented not like Facebook. But this like Facebook features like profile sharing, timeline, messaging. This one has some unique characteristics such as its focus on actual blogging content. The author also has the scope to earn from the content.

Minds are most popular with the tech excited user. The reason behind that is that it’s an open-source platform. Also, people gather from multiple communities. As on strategic data we can say this one has more attraction to Football and music-oriented groups and another big point is they aren’t connected with Facebook or other social media platforms.

At all, we can say that it’s a good option for the user as you have the chance to have fun and express your opinion with great privacy.

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MeWe is one the another grate source of social network and it’s have big number os user. Though this platform has good features but didn’t get yet reorganization in this market. You can use this one without any complexity. Like Facebook, you have the opportunity to pass your time with fun but have data security limitations. Another issue is it’s come to the market without censorship problems. It has an advertising option but not specified in this platform targeted group. That’s why you don’t have chances to sell your data to any more parties.

Users have the option here to connect with Facebook and Twitter accounts through MeWe. It’s free to use but you can take premium sister products also. This is called MeWePro.


Ello another Facebook Alternative

This one is one of the great alternatives to Facebook and started in 2012. If you want to share your content with others and work with a creative zone then this one will be the best choice for you. For example, we can say those people have appeal in graphics design or videography. That’s indicating a love of art and beauty.

This platform is an ad-free platform and only for that reason they achieve their goal. So, it’s clear to all of us that there is no way to pass your data to others. Its followers became four times within the shortest time period as now 4 million over. Only it becomes possible due to strong operational activities.



Actually EyeEm isn’t a direct alternative to Facebook but came to the make for another relevant purpose. As we know Instragam owned by Facebook and it’s to acquire the same. These social media focus on visual content and imagery. You will be surprised that more than 22 million users are active on this platform. Also, the number of registered members is increasing according to time. This platform has good popularity for the investors.

It was basically developed for photo and video sharing. Due to the standard features, you can change your images as per requirement. Berlin-based is the startup of this one and gradually they are planning to take place globally.



If any of you want to switch from Facebook, definitely Diaspora is the best option for you. By the way, if you lost your personal data you can get back as it’s a big feature in this platform. It has a decentralized approach from other social media. you can run this social network by the sysadmin skills. It’s run by the central server, not a single company. In this server called pods and from anywhere in the world. As you are in charge of your own data that can make sure more privacy.

It shows that Diaspora continues by its own approach. And this one also has similar features like Facebook like status updates and share posts with connectivity. You can use a hashtag on this platform. which is more popular with the users. But in this application development has been slow as per deserve.  Due to the decentralized approach, it’s different from others. This basically runs within a blockchain and follows the same system as well. With the in-built chat application, you do lots’s fun here like Facebook easily.

Within the last six months total number of joining members over 50,000 and growing up gradually.



Mastodon came to the market in 2017 and already impacted a lot in the social media industry. It’s a completely free and open-source network for the valued user. This platform really plays a good role as an alternative option for Facebook due to its features and activities.

Mastodon wasn’t owned by any single company as it’s a decentralized alternative to all commercial social networks.  So, no way to dominate your communication. 


Steemit Facebook Alternative

It looks like Reddit and Quora where you have the scope to publish your own post and after that, it will be voted. Based on the rating it can grow up and down also. People are using this platform to spend quality time. If the user doesn’t feel like posting anything, no issue. They can keep a connection for conversation by joining this social network.

Steemit has around 10 million visitors per month but it’s not a good volume as compared with Facebook. It’s also true that this platform grows us from time to time and you don’t have a risk in your personal data.

At last, I would like to say that for social communication Facebook takes the top position in this industry. It’s become possible as a big volume of members is using the same from different corners of the world. No need to go outside just look to your friends, family, and surroundings and you will get your actual feedback.  

But as on discussed, earlier this all-new platforms are ready to take market share. So, everyone should be positive to the new one and no need to feel surprised if they receive a request from anyone. In the end would like to suggest you all take a new platform for your better experience with new features and strategy.

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