Facebook launches desktop version of Messenger App

Now available on Mac and Windows!


After nine years of launching, the Facebook messenger has been available as a desktop application. Due to the increasing number of audio and video calls used at desktop browsers, the Facebook authority took initiative to release the Messenger app as a Windows and Mac. In this app version, users will get each feature of the browser version. However, it’ll be easier to see the chat thread in this desktop app version. 

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Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg writes, “for the spreading of coronavirus  (COVID 19)” we are trying to find out the alternative way to keep the community together as now we have social distance.

One year back the annual developer conference Facebook announced the Messenger desktop app of the F-8.  But due to coronavirus, the F-8 official conference was canceled this year. After all, Facebook realized the needs of people for the desktop app. That’s why the company launched it without any big event. Last month Facebook justified this app on the Mac version. It was first seen in 2011 at the windows phone app. After a few days, it closed.

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Reason to Launch Too Late:

The major problem at Facebook messenger is that it can only support group video calls with the highest 8 people at a time. Whereas at Zoom application can support 100 – 500 participants together.  On the other hand, don’t have the facility to add people through a link in messenger.

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At any social event messenger not effective. Messenger also doesn’t have a screen share option. So, this application can’t be used for business purposes. However, on workplace chat desktop app Facebook has a screen share feature. Maybe this feature will be available in the future at the messenger.

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People are now using chat apps to communicate with each other as under lockdown due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Facebook authority declared that the number of messenger group video calls increased by 70%. Users are spending more time in group video calls instead of Facebook and Instagram live. As well as the number of Whatsapp voice and video calls become doubled as per last year. Most of the calls increased in Coronavirus affected areas.


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