Fujifilm X100V Review, Price, Pictures and Features

Grate Compact Camera of 2020


Fujifilm X100V is the latest and updated esteemed series of the fixed focal extent and compact cameras. Last few years, Fujifilm has fallen with its APS-C Sony. A recent marketer trying to emphasize on ultra-popular street photography sequence after the launch of X100V.

This Fujifilm model is combined with full tech-based. Most vital features are resolution with a 26.1-megapixel sensor and speedy X-Processor. It’s also added value with the high regulation tilting rear display, sharp lens, etc.


>> Fujifilm have multifunctional touch LCD

>> Available with old shaped buttons

>> It’s consisted of the combination of the superior electronic viewfinder

>>  Have fast Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

>>  Enhanced sensor automatically

>>  Can shoot around 4K video

>>  Fast video shooting speed


Fujifilm X100V review , price and features
  • Don’t have multiple SD card slot
  • Have the chances of missing stabilization
  • Autofocus irregularly leggy

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What’s the reason for taking Fujifilm X100V?

 The unique design is the most identical in this device. Body structure in this camera has become iconic as per comparison with the earlier four generations. Its body shaping is really amazing to anyone due to good finishing and would like to say this credit goes to designers for their better thinking. On the other hand, the grip transaction curve is more upgrading.

The color of Fujifilm X100V available in the market with fashionable black or silver to accompany the signature Fujifilm camera design. Both colors have good acceptance of the existing and potential customers.

Expect a larger grip and the front side remains unchanged. But the dimension of the lower part modified to the higher upper part with a soft exterior.

The bottom side of the Fujifilm X100V is significantly identical as the SD card slot and battery remain in this device unchanged. I would like to suggest manufacturers keep one more slot by the product line extension. As customers show the appeal in various aspects. I hope it will help to acquire customer satisfaction and also can bring good sales as of the present volume.

The image sensor of the X100V has come with new innovations. It uses the similar Fujifilm X-Trans technology that has won X100 chain cameras. If we consider an X100F that has a 24-megapixel sensor and at this one, it can click 26 MP images with standard quality.

  Fujifilm X100V is a state of the art compact device with outstanding A-Z output. Not only image purpose you have the scope as well for video. This tech product can support you very well in your travels, family photos or any other photo shoot. Overall, construction in this device is user friendly and combined with good features.



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