Global Financial Impact of Coronavirus | Is freelancer marketplace is the ultimate solution?


As of updated data total number of Coronavirus affected people reached over at 100K across the world. The number of affected countries is increasing day by day. Now it’s become an alarming issue as have a great effect on human and world economy. 

Coronavirus coronavirus symptoms


It’s become a mandatory issue for the people who are affected or not to stay at home such as S&P Global & HSBC already declared few of the employees to do work from remote places like home i/o offices as in danger zones to stay at the office. Many public gathering places are already closed like schools, shopping malls, public transport, and any other large gathering place.

In this outbreak already killed nearly 3,500 people and a number of affected countries more than 90% of the world.

WHO suggested all nations take initiative in a proactive way. Otherwise, it will be quite too hard to protect as Coronavirus can be spread from many sources rapidly.

How do I protect myself from this dangerous virus?

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or you can use sanitizer gel (not only before taking food).
  • Face masks can protect you as in this virus can spread from one person to another person at the time of the conversation.
  • Try to avoid touching your own face such as eyes, nose, and mouth with an unwashed hand (as we are doing the same near about 18 – 23 times within an hour in our absent mind as well).
  • Must use a disposable tissue for coughs and then you should throw it in a closed basket.


Symptoms of Coronavirus (Corvid 19)

Basically, in this disease start with fever but others issue also can be noticed as on below details.

coronavirus symptoms


In most cases, coronavirus can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, multiple organ failure, and even death. which is gradually happening around the affected country.

Older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions have the more possibility likely to become severely ill.

The incubation period – between infection and showing any symptoms – lasts up to 14 days as per the statement of the World Health Organization (WHO). But some researchers have dissimilar opinions like the time period should be up to 24 days.

The effect at the World Economy

For China it’s a disaster year as in this horrible virus start from this county. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus which already killed thousands of people not only China but also other nation and directly heating to the business activities. As we know China is the manufacturing hub for verities of products from manufacturing to retail to fulfill business and individual requirements from this country due to the availability of products and competitive prices. This country can make up one-third of manufacturing goods globally. But in this virus effect broadly in the production level and manufacturing operation keep on stop. As have more possibilities from the workplace to affect more people one to another.

Overall for the outbreak of this virus globally its previously affected as on multiple industries such as export & import oriented business manufacturing firm, share market, fashion industry, tourist and travel agency, IT-based product, airline business, service industries, and many more.

We can easily understand the economic impact of various countries after reading out the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report as showing downgrades.


OECD Economic GDP downgrade

It’s an alarming projection as the world’s top leading country will face problems in their continuous growth or development this year as per compression with the past year 2019. Another issue is that the stock market of the USA and Japan due already effected.


Best Possible Way to Keep your Business Activity Safe

As we know, coming to work and traveling for business purposes is risky now. So, a remote work plan is the best possible way at this moment. Which can ensure safety for your employees and assigned jobs? As right now it’s quite easy due to technological advancement. Like any firm or individual can hand over your task at or any other marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork to avoid any kind of delay and to maintain your business process smoothly. Where you have the scope to get skilled and experienced manpower to assist you.  Let’s try and hope you will get a well-supported team from online marketplaces to do safely.



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