Well, here we are toward 2019, and we just about own foldable phones, while every Samsung flagship now has an OLED screen with curved edges virtually a standard design feature. Curved screens aren’t unexpected or exciting anymore — until you recognize the Vivo Nex 3 in person, that is.

With something the company calls a “Waterfall Full View display,” Vivo holds the concept of curved screens to the next level. The degree of curve on the Nex 3 is so extreme that Brand Logo Slider shows famous brands and your logo brands with sliders such as the sides of the phone are covered within the display, leaving no room concerning hardware buttons.

Previous Vivo Nex phones have focused on approaching creative approaches to avoid bezels and notches, from pop-up selfie cameras to secondary displays. Everybody felt experimental but also pragmatic. Of course, you’d somewhat have a seamless presentation, all things being equal, precisely with many of those features now commonplace, the Nex 3 can’t deserve to be shooting to solve any particular problem. It is one; also, the only goal is to look dope as hell without compromising the overall experience.

I’m a little surprised to tell that Vivo has pretty remarkably succeeded.

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